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GM Fuel Injection Systems, Distributor less Ignition Systems Diagnosis and Repair

Course Code CEAM-971
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

All GM Fuel Injection Systems, including Throttle Body (TBI/EFI), Multi-Port (PFI, TPI, SFI), and the newer Central Point Injection (CPI) systems are covered in this advanced course. Operational strategies are followed up with emphasis on sensor operation and fuel and ignition systems, including the “Opti-spark” distributor system. Also included is extensive use of data stream information and the various test modes utilized for driveability and electrical diagnosis. Not all DI Systems are created equal! All the GM Distributorless Ignition Systems from 1984 to today are included in this program. Updated testing procedures and specifications for DIS, C3I, Fast Start and IDI systems are in the all new Technician Reference Guide that each student receives. See demonstrations on how to test modules, harnesses, coil packs, magnetic crank sensors and Hall Effect sensors. Obtain first hand look at various DIS ignition scope patterns and how to use them for diagnosis. Prerequisite: A valid Automotive Service Technician or Truck & Coach Technician Certificate of Qualification Note: Safety boots and safety goggles must be worn in the lab areas. You will be denied access to labs if you are dressed inappropriately.