Health Promotion and Organizational Development

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Organizational Development in Health Promotion (3 hours/week Semester 2)

This course will cover a broad range of topics in the areas of Organizational Development, Public Health and Occupational Health and Safety, as they relate to the field of Health Promotion.  Firstly, Organizational Development will be examined in some depth, using Health Canada's Workplace Health Systems Model, as an example of how the process of planned change in OD is used to increase an organization's effectiveness, functioning and performance.  Students will gain a sense of how the craft of Organizational Development is practiced through several case study scenarios and through the examination of key concepts, definitions and models.  Secondly, students will examine what is meant by Public Health (the key concepts, roles, responsibilities, strategies) and discuss "real world" Public Health approaches, in order to gain an appreciation of the importance of integrating Public Health theory with practice and its connection to Health Promotion.  Thirdly, the field of Occupational Health and Safety will be explored through the examination of several core definitions, various pieces of legislation, and major roles and responsibilities.  Throughout all three domains of the course, the "working parts" of an organization will be investigated so that students will gain an insight into what role the wellness practitioner could play as part of a larger Workplace Wellness/Health Promotion team.  In addition, the intersection of Health Promotion practice with Organizational Development, Public Health and Occupational Health and Safety will be thoroughly discussed,