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Integrated Language Skills 3

Course Code EAPP-300
Lecture hours per week 20
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

This integrated skills course is designed to develop academic reading, writing, listening, speaking and study skills in mostly demanding contexts. The receptive skills of reading and listening are used to analyze, interpret and evaluate ideas from mostly complex multimedia texts on contemporary issues. Reading strategies such as obtaining the gist and identifying the purpose and main idea of the text, inferencing and predicting are practiced.

Students apply the productive skills of speaking and writing to clear, logical, well-structured language in a range of written text forms, face to face communication and digital formats. The use of non-verbal behavior, clear pronunciation, and fluency is stressed. Writing skills are enhanced through writing about ideas and opinions in extended academic paragraphs in different genres, using a variety of tenses, moderately complex structures, and rich vocabulary. Effective communication and study strategies, and appropriate research techniques are emphasized.