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Research Methods and Data Analysis 2

Course Code BUSN-325
Lecture hours per week 4
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

The first part of this course reviews the contents of BUSN225 (Quantitative Methods 1), covering each topic in greater detail and supporting all calculations with Microsoft Excel. Topics covered in this first part include: descriptive statistics, probability, the Normal and Student-t continuous probability distributions, sampling, sampling distributions, statistical estimation and hypothesis testing for one population. 

The second part of the course introduces the following new topics: 
• Other continuous probability distributions (the Chi-Square and F-distributions) 
• The Binomial and Poisson discrete probability distributions 
• Linear relationships, their application in the High-Low accounting method and measures of linear relationships (covariance and coefficient of correlation)
• Hypothesis testing for two populations 
• Simple linear regression/correlation, measures of linear relationships and hypothesis testing to determine linear relationships 
• Multiple regression models and hypothesis testing to determine the validity of a multiple regression model 
• Linear Programming 
• Time series analysis and forecasting 
• Indexes (price and quantity) 
• Statistical Decision Analysis and probabilistic Risk Management