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Installation Methods 3

Course Code ECME-213
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 4
Course Availability: Open

This course has been designed to give students the knowledge and skills to work with the following; testing of transformers to determine polarity, impedance, winding ratio and insulation resistance, connecting 3-phase transformers in wye and delta configurations, connecting 3-phase RLC loads to transformers in balanced and unbalanced configurations, connecting single and 3- phase auto-transformers for reduced voltage motor starting, identify the parts and connections for a 3-phase wound rotor motor, describe the effects of differing resistance in the rotor circuit of a wound rotor motor under varying loads, connect a 2 speed control circuit for a 2 speed squirrel cage motor, state the functions and applications of a programmable logic controller (PLC), determine the language and addressing requirements of a PLC, demonstrate the programming of common relay instructions, timers, counters, mathematics functions and word comparisons on a PLC, identify methods and wiring of PLC’s to equipment, demonstrate methods of testing PLC inputs and outputs, design programs to operate machines using a PLC.