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International Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management

Course Code HOTL-704
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

As the world embraces the new millennium, the hospitality industry will see a number of changing environmental forces shaping the rise of transnational hospitality companies in an increasingly globalized economy.  The worldwide hospitality industry will witness extraordinary political shifts, the dismantling of trade barriers by numerous governments to encourage foreign investments and to facilitate international business; the continuous growth of world travel and tourism; increased influence of the social media and e-marketing strategies; increased flow between and within national borders; the restructuring of the hospitality industry with respect to scope, ownership, management, affiliation and consumer behaviour.

This course provides the background that will be needed in today's rapidly changing global marketplace.  Through the research and development of current issues it will give students the background to plan, develop, market and manage hospitality industries in the international arena.  It gives students a solid foundation for understanding and managing cultural diversity in the workplace, and underscores the importance of protocol in international interactions.