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International Project Management and Professional Responsibilities

Course Code PMGT-728
Lecture hours per week 4
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

International projects are distinct from their domestic counterparts mainly because of cultural, social, regulatory, reporting, technological, infrastructural, and geographic diversity factors. This course provides specific guidelines and techniques geared towards enabling greater success in International Projects. The focus is on understanding and managing the particularities in best practices and critical success factors relevant to, outsourcing arrangements, communications, legal and bureaucratic requirements of international projects. The course also describes the specialized skills, competence and professional integrity attributes, project managers must have, in order to select, launch and successfully manage international projects. The approach of the course is to emphasize practical aspects, rather than describe concepts of international project management. To accomplish the learning outcomes, the course format comprises several case studies selected to help participants apply the prescribed guidelines to analyze and develop strategies for managing real-life international projects.