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Interpersonal Communication Skills and Group Process and Development

Course Code CJSP-113
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open
Description: One of the most powerful tools we possess, especially as professionals in the human services field, is our ability to communicate and build positive human relationships in an increasingly diverse society. Studies show that employers are looking to hire employees with soft skills, such as: the ability to work within a team structure,verbally communicate and make decisions and solve problems. This course will enhance students' interpersonal communications skills by first developing a better understanding of who they are and their present ways of communicating. It will provide the learner with an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to work effectively and cooperatively in a small group which vslues diversity, differences and promotes equity and inclusion. This course will allow students to explore and practice the group process and the importance of interpersonal skills within the community and justice field.
Course Outline CJSP-113.pdf