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Introduction to Switching and Routing

Course Code NET-120
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week 4
Course Availability: Open

Switching and Routing are the most important functions in designing and constructing computer networks. They are the core of our fast-paced, fast expanded internetworking technologies. Computer Local Area Networks, Internet, Intranet and Extranets all depend on Routing and Switching to implement competitive advantage, value added network for companies and efficient delivery of information for users. This course introduces the core concepts, characteristics, evolution, functions, topologies and configurations of switches and routers, and examines the role they play in business network enterprises. It explores the theoretical and practical aspects of constructing and configuring simple networking systems and their associated protocols and algorithms. Students examine the layer 2 and layer 3 of the network models - OSI and TCP/IP – and the IEEE 802.3 LAN standard. The mechanics of switches, routers and their associated protocols and algorithms are explored. LAN switching, IP routing technologies and routing protocols are also learned. Finally, the course gives some insight into the rationale of why networks are structured the way they are today.