IT Project Management

Course Code CNET-307
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 1
Course Availability: Open

Through this capstone project students will show case the skill sets learned in the program. This course is related to CNET307 (Fundamentals of Project Management), where students plan and prepare for the Technologist Project by research, analysis, planning, costing, scheduling and resolving problems in implementing the project. Students will design a project that fulfills the specifications laid down to accomplish business objectives. They work in a team to handle the various aspects of the project and maintain clear and accurate project related documents which adhere to industry standards. During the implementation process students will go through configuration and troubleshooting exercises, using a systematic approach and diagnostic tools to solve problems. At the end of the course each team must go through hands on demonstration of the project, make an oral presentation and submit a written final report which is clear, concise and free of grammatical errors.