Management of Change and Innovation

Course Code BUS-311
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

This course will provide the participant with the tools necessary to effectively manage and motivate staff in the dynamic environment of leading edge technology.  The role and responsibilities of mangers will be emphasized in terms of meeting organizational goals.  Various approaches to motivation will be discussed with the opportunity to analyze and design motivations to fit specific cases.


The role of leadership and its relationship to managing will be examined.  Participants will explore exemplars of business leadership to define the qualities of a leader and the impact of the leadership in achieving organizational goals.  The opportunity for each participant to assess their own leadership, decision-making skills and profile as a member of a team will be provided.  The process change, from innovation to implementation will be examined.  Issues of motivation of staff and creating a culture that fosters innovations and the management practices needed to support it will be the focus of reading, discussion, and learning exercises.