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Marketing Strategies

Course Code OMDP-865
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This course is designed to introduce all facets of marketing for Canadian small businesses. Participants will examine all marketing techniques and practices that are currently available to small businesses, definition of their customers; determine the real definition of what they are selling to customers; examine the various procedures for determining their actual competition for their own products or services; use creative thinking skills to develop an effective promotion for their businesses; study the aims of different forms of advertising, ranging from print to audio-visual; examine the role of pricing strategies within an effective marketing plan; examine the Canadian Code of Advertising standards and its related criminal code of retail businesses. Topics Covered: Role Of An Effective Marketing Strategy Defining Your Business (Product) Defining Your Customers Defining Your Competition Pricing Strategies Within An Effective Marketing Plan ¡ Advertising And Promotion Media And The Message Distribution Control And Corrective Action Marketing Plan And Strategies, Marketing Strategies Review, And Case Study