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Math for Hospitality

Course Code HOSP-112
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course has been designed to equip you with the essential numerical skills required within the hospitality industry. It has been divided into three sections: Basic Math, Business Math and Hospitality Math. In the first section of this course, Math Basics, you will learn basic mathematical skills that will provide you with a strong foundation for what you will learn in the later units in the course. This will include place value, decimals, fractions percentages, algebra and word problems. In the second section of this course, Business Math, you will learn calculations needed within the business world. This will include merchandizing, trade discounts, payment terms, markups/markdowns, and simple and compound interest. In the final part of this course, Hospitality Math, you will learn calculations that are used in various hospitality industries. This will include food and beverage costs calculations, special events calculations, occupancy rates, labour calculations, and the income statement.

Students enrolled in this course fully understand that the course is offered in an asynchronous format, fully online. Although asynchronous, there may be times that the professor provides or requests a synchronous meeting. Professors will provide ample notice prior to required synchronous sessions. Synchronous sessions are recorded for the purpose of the course and all course participants. Please ensure you turn off your microphone and camera if you do not wish to be recorded during synchronous sessions.

As the college is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we operate under the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST). All due dates and timelines are based upon EST. Please adjust your clocks and calendars to ensure timely submission of work.