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Course Code ARTM-720
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Course Availability: Open

Mentoring is a partnership that involves two individuals who are committed to professional and personal growth. They must be willing to commit both time and energy to ensure that goals are met. Students work with the instructor to identify, recruit and engage a suitable mentor in the arts community who will commit personal time to support the student in his/her chosen area of expertise. The student may work on a project, a piece of research or shadow the manager, as a relationship is established and developed. Quality time will be devoted to exploring career options and networking opportunities while building confidence and expertise.

The student will continue to work with the professor and fellow students to share their mentorship plan and outcomes. Students will be assigned to the chosen mentor in order to integrate him/herself into the mentor’s environment. Opportunities to engage in further research, projects, shadowing, as well as participating in networking facilitated by the mentor and the instructor, will complement the weekly meetings that allow for frank and focused discussions around the student’s and mentor’s agenda. In addition there will be a series of full day retreats where mentors and students will come together to co-present to the student body in order to expand each student’s knowledge of the arts sector.