Model Railroad for Beginners

Course Code CESD-920
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Topics covered include: - How to build the "road bed" - Drainage along the tracks – why? - Laying tracks and turnouts, ballast - Electrically wire the "switch machines" - How to make scenery: rock casting, ground cover, trees, shrubs, water, bridges, tunnels and buildings - How to maintain engines, rolling stock and couplers - Railroad operation, switching trains and shuntyard operation - Electrical wiring: i.e. block wiring, signals, constant lighting, turntable, yard and building lights - Some videos and printed material For fun and a great learning experience. Course starts 10 week duration – 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. Ashtonbee Campus, Room C-213 REGISTER NOW!!!! To register by phone using a credit card, please call (416) 289-5300 For additional information, please call (416) 289-5005