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Ontario Cultural and Heritage Tourism Product

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Despite periodic fluctuations in demand, the long term trend indicates steady growth in receptive tourism to Ontario. Though domestic tourism is the most significant component of the overall tourism market, in fact, Ontario records more international visitors than any other Canadian province or territory. Though (U.S.A.) American visitors will always be an important market segment, the number of offshore visitors, especially from emerging markets, has been steadily increasing Tourism industry professionals agree that industry aspirants ought to be conversant with the tourism product of a destination. The growth of offshore travellers has put a greater emphasis on developing product-savvy tourism professionals.

This course will examine the role of heritage - both natural and built heritage - and culture in the creation of Ontario as a tourism destination by investigating how the geographic makeup of the province influenced its historical development, the consequence of which has contributed to engaging tourism experiences. Students will gain an insight into what Ontario has to offer from a cultural and heritage (natural and built) perspective by delving into a region-by-region exploration of Ontario's tourism assets; from world-class accommodation and urban experiences to wilderness adventures, learners will gain an in-depth knowledge of all that Ontario has to offer.