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Personal Branding And Freelancing

Course Code JO-226
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Journalists today face a radically different labour market. Rare is the full-time staff job at a newspaper or magazine; even rarer are those positions that offer job security and benefits. Today's journalists must compete for work in a "contract economy," a Darwinian world where competition for jobs is ruthless and only the best rise to the top. Not only does one need to be able to sell and tell the story, they need to be able to sell themselves.

This course focuses on developing the entrepreneurial skills essential to becoming a successful freelancer and developing an identity as an independent content producer. It's an opportunity to hone writing and editing skills in both a print and digital environment in order to better compete in today's market.  

Each participant is responsible for pitching, writing, editing – and publishing – a minimum of one article and using the course strategies to develop their own brand as an independent content producer. Emphasis is placed on building an understanding of the evolving business of journalism, culminating in the development of a professionally managed portfolio site. Students will learn the value of researching and exploiting a market niche within the publishing industry, how to cut through the competition to win assignments and carry them out professionally.