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Placement Seminar

Course Code CDEV-422
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week 1
Course Availability: Open

Course Description

Students will work fulltime under local supervision for CD project outside of GTA either within Canada or Internationally.  Placement opportunities may include domestic or international non-profit, government, or volunteer organizations that may be paid or unpaid experiences depending on the specific organization. A two week in class preparation period will occur prior to the field work experience and a two week culminating session will follow the field experience (10 weeks total in the field)


Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Execute the roles and responsibilities required of a CD practitioner within the expectations of a community agency    
  2. Perform self-evaluations and self-appraisals related to the execution of CD roles and responsibilities and the advancement of professional development goals          
  3. Apply CD concepts and principles ethically through the planning, implementing and evaluating of CD related projects and activities     
  4. Identify how CD work based on research related to the theory and practice of the CD field improves practice    
  5. Establish and maintain professional, ethical and respectful working relationships with diverse individuals and group in the community              
  6. Prepare a professional career portfolio that incorporates ways to market oneself  and identifies areas and settings of interest for employment in the community   
  7. Prepare a formal work-related report that meets the expectations of a community agency


Course Outline CDEV-422.pdf