Practical Nursing Pregraduate Clinical Applications

Course Code IEPN-250
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This course provides internationally-educated nurses with a continuous 15 week consolidated practice experience in a Canadian health care setting. This semester will provide internationally-educated nurses with the opportunity for successful integration into nursing practice in Ontario. Students will become familiar with organizational structures in various health care settings. This pregraduate experience will provide students with opportunities for critical thinking, priority setting and interprofessional collaboration while assuming responsibility for an increasingly complex client assignment. Students will provide nursing care under the leadership and guidance of a preceptor who is a Registered Practical Nurse. Clinical placements will include acute and long term care, mental health, postpartum/newborn, and the community. Students will prepare for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examinations (CPNRE) by completing four online review modules and an online test, two comprehensive examinations and the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE) Classroom Assessment Test. Internationally-educated nurses will also be assisted to develop skills for seeking employment in the Canadian health care system through participation in workshops and completion of a resumé-writing assignment. The workshops will assist students in finding job opportunities that match their skills, and in presenting themselves in a way that effectively showcases their abilities as nurses through effective cover letters and resumés. Using a mock job interview exercise, students will also learn how to conduct and articulate themselves in a professional manner in all phases of a job interview process.