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Preschool/School-Age Curriculum: The Project Approach

Course Code ECEP-234
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

In this course, students will prepare and evaluate long-term, in-depth projects that emerge from the expressed interests of the children and reflect the importance of collaboration, reciprocity and relationships. Evolving over time, these projects will follow the lead and interests of the children, inspire curiosity, provoke thought and encourage children to use many ways, or languages, to express their learning. Documentation panels will be prepared and displayed in field placements settings so that parents, teachers and children can view and reflect upon the learning process.  As well, students will explore how to facilitate children’s transition from the childcare setting to school. This will involve examining various approaches to teaching and learning within the public school system, identifying curricular expectations, and developing strategies to support the individual strengths and needs of the children through a seamless exchange of information between the childcare and school setting.

Minimum C grade. Pre-requisites: Semester 1 ECEP courses.