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Prevention, Harm Reduction and Health Promotion Interventions (Blended / Online)

Course Code AMHW-303
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course introduces students to a holistic approach to addiction and mental health work across a continuum of risk, recognizing that preventing addiction and mental health problems and promoting wellness are key aspects of addiction and mental health work. Diverse, illustrative case studies will be drawn from prevention and health promotion initiatives among First Nations communities, as well as from specific populations identified as being at higher risk, such as including racialized and/or LGBTTTIQ/Q, to promote applied learning and analysis. Students will examine specific examples of prevention and health promotion initiatives in their own communities, and will critically reflect on and critique these examples through the lens of an anti-oppressive practice (AOP) framework. Students will also explore and reflect on a range of harm reduction approaches and interventions, recognizing and affirming clients’ autonomy and the multiple paths to recovery and healing.