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Production 2

Course Code FLMA-714
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Course Availability: Open

This course will focus on how producers deal with the politics of getting people to do what producers want them to do - writers, directors, cast, crew and post people - while making everybody feel as good as possible about doing it. Students will learn how to listen to everyone’s opinions and evaluate those opinions while protecting the integrity of their projects. They will learn how to read a budget and a schedule and relate them to the reality of what they are attempting to achieve so that everyone involved in the project can feel confident about the money going in. Students will learn what legal, union, guild and other professional practices that are needed for a production. They will learn to see within a project what is doable and where to make the compromises needed to bring the project to fruition while again maintaining the artistic integrity of what they are attempting to achieve. Students will acquire a working knowledge of the physical processes of film and television production from prep to post so they can manage expectations, establish limits, find creative solutions to problems and again maintain the overall integrity of their work. Finally, students will learn what financiers and talent expect of a producer and how to develop strategies for a successful producing career.