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Production Basics

Course Code FTVB-709
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Course Availability: Open

Not all students entering this program may have had very much experience in creating film or television and this hands-on boot camp course exposes students to the basics of the production process and what goes on in front of and behind the camera, in the editing room, and into post-production. Designed for students with minimal production experience, this course will introduce the production process, both in studio and field production, as well as editing software in the lab and at post-production houses. Students will work in teams to plan, shoot, and edit short films and programs. Focus will be put on linking the production process back to skills being learned in other courses, particularly with regard to Production Coordination and Management. By experiencing the demands and challenges on set, in studio and in the field, the student will have a complete holistic understanding of the production process that should both help them as they create budgets, plans, and schedules, as well as understand the real-life demands and challenges involved with production.