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Professional Practice and Self Employment

Course Code GMD-224
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Course Availability: Open

This course introduces students to business component of graphic design. Students learn business strategies and learn how to apply these strategies in their professional practice. They explore client- designer relationships through meetings and interviews with members of the industry.

Research analysis includes classification of job responsibilities and career opportunities, basic policies and procedures of employment, freelancing, small business activities, collaborative environments, self- employment, and self-promotion. Important topics are how to estimate costs, legal issues, project management, quoting and billing, ethical guidelines, intellectual properties and proposals.

More and more design professionals are building a career through a combination of part-time employment, contract, and freelance employment. This course provides an overview of how independent designers operate their businesses.

Content is delivered through short lectures, discussions, presentation of visiting professionals and visits with members of industry.

Course content is delivered through lectures, assignments, critiques and presentations.