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Program Planning 2

Course Code WELL-724
Lecture hours per week 4
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Program Planning and Management Techniques (45 hours)
This course is intended to develop the management skills required to develop, plan, implement and evaluate health and wellness programs in the workplace.  Students will have the opportunity to comprehensively work through the process of constructing a situational assessment based on a wellness strategy that mirrors real-world applications.  A particular emphasis will be placed on describing and selecting appropriate evaluation designs, the process of evidence-based decision making and problem-solving for various work situations that highlight the importance of solid managerial strategies and skills.  In addition, students will engage in a large, in-class application exercise based on an integrated workplace health promotion model (Health Canada's WHS Model) that will allow them to analyze assessment data, create an action plan based on that data and then evaluate the resulting workplace wellness program.  Diversity issues in the workplace and associated implications for practice will be examined through the lens of the wellness practitioner.