Project 1

Course Code EMSD-701
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

In the first week of the program, students will meet together in a common workshop space. The coordinator will break them into teams and assign each team an R&D challenge related to media engineering design Instructors will present in pairs each day- one each from the engineering and media communications faculties Byway of introduction, the instructors will introduce their viewpoints on the importance of an integrated approach to media engineering design Students will access instructors as resources in solving their challenge This program will continue through the semester at the end of the semester, each team will present their solution for evaluation by assembled faculty, outside professionals and their peers

During this session, students will: 

  • Learn the program goals and approach in a unified environment 
  • Experience working in teams to address a challenge 
  • Learn to quickly assign roles and delegate research among peers with differing capabilities 
  • Develop a refined project plan 
  • Learn to work collectively from a challenge to a solution 
  • Seek support, resources and direction from faculty advisors 
  • Develop relationships with external sponsors or resources 
  • Seek self-assessment and external assessment of project viability 
  • Present to an audience including outside professionals