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PSW Skills Laboratory 1

Course Code PSHS-105
Lecture hours per week 1
Lab hours per week 4
Course Availability: Open

This course will consist of one hour of theoretical content instruction followed by five hours of practical experience in a Lab practicum. In this course, the student will be able to apply the important concepts of compassionate, holistic and client-centered care as they learn the basic supportive care that is needed to assist a client safely with their activity of daily living needs in the facility and/or community setting. 

The course will also address safety considerations that should be made in the community and in the facility setting as students learn methods of assisting clients with positioning, activity, exercise, mobility, hygiene and grooming as well as assistance with feeding, elimination, medications and household management. Students will also continue to learn about the role and responsibility of the Personal Support worker in observing, reporting and documenting care as per their employer policy. 

In the lab and lab classroom period the student will be required to discuss the rationale behind the skills they will be performing and will also be responsible to know the special considerations that will be needed when performing the skill to ensure client safety and well-being. Students will also be introduced to the important principles and skills needed to take a temperature, radial pulse, respiratory count,oxygen saturation and an electric blood pressure. 

Students will also participate in community experiences in a simulated apartment setting and participate in station modules that will look at infection control in the community, assisting with household management, use of equipment, safe food storage principles. In the community simulation environment students will also learn how to transfer skills learned in lab to the community setting. 

** Weekly class time may vary depending on content and these changes will be communicated ahead of time on eCentennial **