Radio News

Course Code JO-217
Lecture hours per week 45
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

The Intro to Radio News course takes students to the streets of Toronto as radio field reporters where they use state of the art audio recorders and mics to interview newsmakers, gather sound, and return to the studio to edit the files, write clear, sharp, catchy broadcast copy, and record their scripts into a finished, polished audio report. The other part of the course focuses on voice techniques, performance on air in live radio newscasts which are broadcast on Centennial's Observer Radio News internet radio channel. Students also learn to work the control room mixing board, create and produce their own commercials, and leave with a portfolio of news, sports, weather and entertainment demo tapes which they can use to find work in the field. The course also exposes students to the world of podcasting, the radio environment in the GTA, and brings them face to face with hiring managers at the Ontario Association of Broadcasters career events. A minimum C grade is required to pass the course.


Pre requesites: JO 211, JO214, JO218