Research and Analytics - Capstone

Course Code MKTG-749
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week 3
Course Availability: Open

Success in the area of advanced marketing analytics is built on a foundation of three pillars. First is having a solid understanding of the basic principles of data management and exploratory analysis, and secondly, having the ability to recognize and apply the appropriate methods of statistical data analysis to the marketing problem, and thirdly, having a solid understanding of the operating environment and business model to be able to implement and assess the proposed solution. The Research and Analytics – Capstone course is designed to integrate these three pillars through a combination of;

a) ‘in class’ lectures on business analysis methodologies
b) ‘in lab’ workshops on a series of advanced analytical methods, and
c) ‘in field’ application through a student/industry case study research project

Students will identify and apply industry recognized advanced analytical techniques used to support marketing decision making in a range of applications that may include; customer segmentation, predictive modelling for customer behaviour, market basket analysis, conjoint analysis, exploratory data analysis, time series forecasting, design of experiments, and text mining.

Through a rigorous case study approach, students will apply the following skills

- data and information management techniques used to support advanced exploratory data analysis and data quality management
- model development, validation, business impact assessment and implementation
- assessing the suitability of proposed analytical models for implementation