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Screenwriting 1 (Short Film Development)

Course Code FLMA-701
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course exposes students to all aspects of screenwriting, inviting them to screen and deconstruct successful films, tv shows and web series and to read and deconstruct the scripts on which those shows are based. This course will be particularly valuable for non-writers interested in learning the essential elements and technical language of screenwriting so that in future they can either create shows on their own or collaborate with those professional screenwriters who do.

Through lectures, screenings, readings, in-class discussions and take-home assignments, students will learn how to come up with viable show ideas, pitch those ideas and write the outlines, draft screenplays and polishes necessary to deliver production-ready screenplays. In the process, students will acquire a working knowledge of correct screenplay formatting and the screenplay programs currently used by professional screenwriters. Every student will have the opportunity to create and develop a short film script 10 minutes or less in length that could conceivably be shot in the program in the second semester.