Centennial College has resumed limited in-person lab instruction using a phased approach

Short Film Production

Course Code FLMA-717
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course is dedicated to shooting one of the short film scripts developed in the first semester.  Students will have an opportunity to learn the roles and responsibilities needed to be a valued craftsperson or artist on set.  Students will learn how scenes get evaluated so that the blocking and angles needed to “cover” a scene can be completed in the shooting time allotted.  Students will learn how to create and maintain an environment on set that enables the cast and crew to feel free, supported and able to exercise their talents to the maximum.  Students will also learn how to decode the hierarchy on set, collaborate with everyone involved in the production and develop a clear understanding of “set etiquette”.  In the end, they will have a clearer idea of how to manage expectations, establish limits, find creative solutions to problems and maintain the overall integrity of the project.