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Social Entrepreneurship

Course Code ENTP-304
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

ENTP 304 Social Entrepreneurship is a fifth semester course in the Business Administration – Entrepreneurship program. The term social entrepreneurship refers to the notion of using entrepreneurial skills and innovative strategies to deliver positive societal impact, and at the same time contribute to economic wealth building – in both profit and non-profit sectors. The course emphasizes the need to explore fresh and new approaches of doing business that not only contributes to bottom line profit but also address social problems and create social benefits.

The topics the course intends to explore include but not limited to recognizing social opportunities; developing a strategic plan for social venture; funding social ventures; exploring growth strategies for ventures and measuring social impacts. Students will learn to identify key attributes of a social entrepreneur and develop the skills to formulate a comprehensive business plan from a social entrepreneur’s perspective.

Course Outline