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Software Systems Design

Course Code COMP-246
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

This course builds on COMP225 Software Requirements Engineering.  Students will continue to develop the problem solving skills required of a Systems Analyst through the analysis and design of business, health and gaming systems. The course emphasizes the iterative and incremental nature of the software development process best illustrated by Agile Modelling and Unified Process techniques currently being practised. The project work is critical as it follows the OOAD phases of inception, elaboration, construction and transition and it provides hands-on training, prototyping and testing of OO models developed by the student group. The essential requirements over the phases include: A requirements model/business model, use case model, business logic model, data models along with component and deployment diagrams; all of which will enhance the learning experience. All diagrams are UML-based and a Visual Modelling CaseTool is used extensively to prepare such diagrams. Students will also use a project management tool in managing the deliverables. This course provides the necessary preparation for a software development project.