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Steering, Suspension, and Brakes 3 (Maintenance & Repair)

Course Code AUTO-242
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

In this course, vehicle chassis systems will continue to be examined with a focus on brake systems and handling factors including vehicle alignment diagnosis. While building on the hydraulic brake system fundamentals covered during semester 1, various brake assist systems (vacuum and hydraulic) along with associated brake system technologies including ABS, traction control, and stability control systems will be discussed. Through theoretical and practical instruction techniques, the operation, inspection, and diagnosis of braking systems will be covered along with the use of specialized tools and equipment related to testing and service of these technologies. Emphasis will be placed on identifying the components that are used to make up the various systems as well as their purposes, operation and diagnosis. The learners will become aware of the many other factors and specifications that can affect the vehicles braking, handling, control and stability.