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Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Course Code OMGT-702
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

OMGT 402 Supply Chain Management & Logistics builds upon the work undertaken in semester one of the Strategic Management program, particularly in the courses OMGT 401 Operations Management for Products and Services and MGMT 401 Information Systems for Business Management. OMGT 402 is taken simultaneously with MGMT 402 Crafting and Executing Strategy, which provides the overarching context in which the course will be delivered. The course proceeds on the clear recognition that in the contemporary competitive landscape the boundaries of the firm must necessarily be extended to include its multiple domestic and international partners across the entire supply chain. Indeed, in many ways, the rivals in industry competition could be seen as competing supply chains. Accordingly, the course seeks to provide students with a solid understanding of the qualitative and quantitative fundamentals of supply chain management and logistics and also of the leading-edge practices that could provide the firm with sustainable competitive advantages. Topics covered in the course include: the need for alignment among supply chain management initiatives and the policies and programs in the functional area of operations management; information technology applications to supply chain management; the firm as a competing supply chain; supply chain drivers and metrics; supply chain logistics design; planning demand and supply in a supply chain; supply chain logistics operations; planning and managing inventories in a supply chain; supply chain integration; relationship management with supply chain partners; supply chain risk management; research and case studies on the supply chain management experiences of successful firms from a variety of industries and countries; computerized simulations pertaining to the operations of supply chains.

Course Outline