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Course Code COMP-384
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

In Telehealth, students will learn the fundamental concepts and standards involved in the successful implementation of telehealth programs. These programs rely on various communication and information technology systems to improve health care delivery by facilitating greater access to services and more efficient communication practices. In COMP384, students will explore the different types of telehealth applications, as well as the legal and regulatory considerations involved in implementing a telehealth solution. Topics covered will include an introduction to the different services targeted by telehealth initiatives and emphasis will be placed on the unique challenges, relevant industry standards and the specific information technology needs of different telehealth programs to date (i.e. teleradiology, telesurgery, telepathology, telecardiology, teledermatology, teleconsultation, teleophthalmology, telehomecare, etcetera). The course will use various methods of knowledge delivery to aid the students in understanding telehealth concepts, applications and its relevance to health care and health informatics. Teaching methods will include lectures, demos, discussions, labs, practical assignments and case studies.