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Two-Dimensional Design and Typography

Course Code GMD-103
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Content of this course interacts with skills learned in Design Process 1 and Drawing in Graphic Communication. Reinforcing problem solving and image development, students will learn effective visual communication skills to convert graphic images into graphic messages.

Students use principles of composition, typography and colour together with graphic communication methods to create strong visual solutions in two-dimensional space. The emphasis of this course is on the use of letterforms, interaction between type and image, visual hierarchies, and design analysis. Topics on history of typography and letterform design are included.

Developing a comprehensive communication vocabulary is an integral part of the course content.

Projects include the presentation of visual, verbal, and written components. Students develop knowledge of design principles in the evaluation of one's own work and other designers' development of design solutions.

Course content is delivered through lectures, in-class exercises, assignments, tests, in-class discussions and critiques.