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Understanding and Communicating with Families

Course Code ECEP-232
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: Parents play a vital role in supporting the childcare centre’s mission to provide quality services to children and their families. Early Childhood Educators recognize and celebrate the parents’ deep understanding of their child. Parents are seen as critical partners in facilitating the centre’s ability to support the child's growth and development. The Early Childhood Educator strives to build collaborative and reciprocal relationships with families which strengthen their ability to be responsive.
This course will examine the evolving needs of parents with young children. Students will develop strategies to support families through the parenting experience. An understanding of related issues and challenges will allow students to develop empathy and understanding. Strategies that enrich parent communication and build partnerships will be explored. An opportunity to analyze existing parent programs will be provided to enhance the student’s awareness of the components of effective parent programs.

Minimum C grade. Pre-requisites: Semester 1 ECEP courses and ECEP135.