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Wireless Communication Systems

Course Code NET-221
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

This course builds the theoretical foundation for the course sequence NET320 Wireless Networks and the elective sequence, NET902 Cellular Networks and NET903 Wireless Broadband, which examine various wireless networks. It describes the evolution of wireless communication systems and its growing impact on personal communication system, business, health-care and ethical use of social networks. The course provides the theoretical concepts based on Shannon’s Theorem and characteristics of signals in time and frequency domain, noise and its effects in voice and data systems, propagation of electromagnetic waves, modulation schemes and encoding process, using applied mathematics. Various types of antennae and their applications to wireless networks are studied. Transmitters, receivers and their specifications which influence communication systems design are examined for use in wireless networks. The course also introduces major standards for radio communication systems in Canada and worldwide. Application of theory is enhanced through practical lab experiments.