Women, Gender and Popular Culture

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Have you ever wondered why social conflicts between women and men exist in today’s society? Why women are often considered the “second sex” and subject to unequal treatment despite many positive social changes? Why women’s rights are human rights? This course explores the dynamics of inequality between men and women and their effect on women’s lives. We examine why women do not always enjoy full human rights although men’s views on women are being transformed by women’s struggle for equality. We assess the new social goal of equal partnerships between men and women where gender stereotypes would not create barriers for women. In addition, we identify challenges to creating this partnership model by examining topics such as biased definitions, imagery and gender stereotypes found in popular culture, workplaces, business and leadership, love and family relationships, and other areas of interest to students. We explore these ideas through stories, personal reflections, readings, presentations, poetry, music, videos, film and other creative media.