Working with Traumatized Children and Youth

Course Code CYCP-214
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The impact of separation, loss, abuse, violence and other traumatic experiences on children and youth can have a detrimental effect on their emotional, behavioural, physical, spiritual, intellectual, cognitive, and developmental well-being. A traumatized child/youth's capacity to form attachments and develop relationships with Child & Youth Care workers can also be compromised. In this course the student will learn how traumatized children understand the world around them, how they interact with others, how their issues manifest themselves in their behaviour, and other ongoing challenges they face with anxiety, trauma triggers, mental health issues, and relationships.

This course will also assist the Child & Youth Care student in understanding their role in relation to traumatized children and youth; understanding the effectiveness of different treatment modalities; understanding how to lessen the impact of children and youth's experiences by providing early intervention, assessment, and treatment; increasing the Child & Youth Care student's knowledge, awareness, and skills with respect to children/youth's needs, particularly in the aftermath of traumatic events; and understanding the impact of working with traumatized children.