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The Workplace of Canada - Part 1

Course Code FNED-218
Lecture hours per week
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Course Availability: Open


This course in the first one in the series of two FNED218/219 courses. The part 1 of the course provides students with an opportunity to explore the characteristics of the contemporary workplace in Canada and develop a sound understanding of what it means to be employed in Canada. This course allows students to connect the historical factors that have influenced the Canadian workplace and their impact on the current work environment. Students learn about the different types of business structures and functions, Canada’s taxation system and social program benefits. By understanding the basics of the fundamental laws that govern employees’ health, safety and pay equity and the workplace polices that support the implementation of these laws, students become familiar with their key rights and obligations when entering a diverse workplace. Additionally, students examine the employer’s role in providing healthy and safe work environment free of discrimination, harassment and violence. To be effective in cross-cultural communication and navigating a multicultural workplace setting, students learn to recognize conflicts, especially, the ones arising from cultural differences, assess their impacts and use efficient strategies for conflict resolution.

This course is for students registered in the Foundation Program. To receive the equivalent of The Canadian Workplace Experience (GNED219) course credit, both Part 1 (FNED 218) and Part 2 (FNED 219) must be successfully completed.