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The Workplace of Canada - Part 2

Course Code FNED-219
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

The course is a continuation of FNED 218, The Workplace of Canada. It provides students with the unique opportunity to explore the workplace of Canada, its dynamics and the interplay of various competing factors. Students will analyze the nature of the workplace through various topics, such as ethics in the Canadian workplace, technology and its effects, sustainability and the workplace, the Canadian labour market, international economy, trade, and Canada’s place in the world. Throughout the course, students will engage in discussions about the workplace environment, trends, opportunities, challenges and its future. Students will also have an opportunity to examine the impact of the workplace on the Canadian society and on the global economy. The course is designed for students registered in the Foundation program and has a prerequisite of FNED 218. The successful completion of both courses will equate a GNED 219 (Canadian Workplace Experience) credit.