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World Geography for Tourism

Course Code GNED-159
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We are all visitors to this world, for a relatively short time, geologically-speaking. World Geography for Tourism is intended for people who want to learn more about how the physical, social, historical, political, economic and environmental elements of geography interact in various locales of the world to make each region, unique and interesting to explore, for the tourist in all of us. We will explore the ever-changing dynamics of atmosphere, climate, weather, earth structures and plate tectonics. Then, we will explore how humans have adapted to a challenging physical world through their individual/collective ingenuity and application of technology, culture, religion, agriculture, architecture, industry and leisure, culminating in our current configuration of rural and urban environments. The more we learn about our natural and human worlds, the better we can make sense of the consequences of our social, political and economic activity on our environment. If more people develop greater geographic knowledge and skill sets, perhaps we can create a more humane, sustainable and healthier world for all life.