Trades Foundations - Motive Power

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Program Details

  • Program Code:8207
  • School:School of Transportation
  • Credential:Ontario College Certificate
  • Program Type:Certificate program
  • Program Length:1 year/ 2 semesters

Program Overview

Program Overview

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The Trades Foundations - Motive Power program will provide you with an opportunity to prepare to meet the English communications assessment entry point for a Motive Power program in the School of Transportation.

You'll learn about a variety of passenger, commercial and heavy duty equipment vehicles through the study of component identification, shop safety practices, tool identification and the use of specialized equipment. The development of sound communication and mathematical skills, within a trade context, will also be emphasized. Throughout the program, you'll be able to apply theoretical knowledge to hands-on, practical work on a variety of training units, vehicles and equipment in a lab environment.

Program Highlights

  • Trade Foundations will provide an alternate entry offer and academic support if you test below the English assessment level required for a diploma program.
  • The program will offer a solid foundation of communication and math skills as well as the motor vehicle knowledge to enhance your academic success when you transfer into a School of Transportation diploma program.


Career Options and Education Pathways

Career Options and Education Pathways

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Future Alumni

Graduates of Trades Foundations proceed to study in one of the following two year diploma programs:

* Motive Power (Automotive) Technician

* Heavy Duty Equipment - Motive Power Technician


* Truck & Coach -  Motive Power Technician

Companies Offering Jobs

Graduates of the two year diploma programs are in high demand by all industries using vehicles including:

* automobile dealers and service providers

* construction, mining and trucking industries

* municipalities, transit systems and utiliies.

Career Outlook

  • Transfer to a Automotive program
  • Transfer to a Truck and Coach program
  • Transfer to a Heavy Duty Equipment program

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

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Academic Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or 19 years or older.
  • Applicants to Centennial College post-secondary programs in the School of Transportation with scores of 140 or 141 on the Centennial College English Skills Assessment, are advised to take this program first as a pathway to their program of choice.

Additional Requirements

How to Apply

How to Apply

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Applicants cannot apply directly to this program.

This program is an "Alternate Offer" for applicants who apply to but do not meet English assessment level required for a Centennial College post-secondary Transportation program.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

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Fees noted below are estimates only. Tuition is based on two semesters, beginning Fall 2021.

Student Tuition (2 Semesters) Ancillary Fees Total
Canadian $2,721.00 $1,070.24 $3,791.24
International $16,377.00 $1,579.24 $17,956.24

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