Global Skills Portfolio

Global Skills Portfolio

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” - Victor Frankl

The overall goals of the Global Skills Portfolio requires students to develop global citizenship and equity knowledge, skills and abilities as it relates to sustainability of resources, individual and community identities, critical social analysis, and enhanced personal and social responsibility. Students also have the option of developing a Global Skills electronic Portfolio (GSeP).

Artifacts are selected from assignments, projects and/or activities that students complete as part of their academic course work as well as co-curricular activities and other opportunities during their educational experience at Centennial College.

Upon completion of their program of study, students will receive a GCE notation on their transcript indicating completion of the Global Citizenship & Equity Portfolio.

The development of a portfolio is a process of documenting your learning. Each item selected for inclusion in the portfolio demonstrates growth and understanding of Global Citizenship & Equity(GCE) within a program of study. The Global Skills Portfolio is a visual representation of the student’s GCE experiences, knowledge, skills, and demonstrates their learning as it relates to personal and social responsibilities in our inter-connected world. Global Citizenship and Equity learning allow you to further develop the following skills :

Enact Global Solutions
Communicate Ideas: Connect and collaborate across boundaries
Investigate the World: Produce new global knowledge
Recognize Perspectives: Apply cross-cultural understanding[1]

[1] Adapted from Asia Society: Partnership for Global Learning.