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6 tips and tricks to stay healthy at your job

To work well, you need to live well, and that means taking care of yourself while you’re at work. Many of us have desk jobs, and can frequently find it challenging to maintain our health when we’re sitting at a desk all day. But staying healthy is so important, that there’s even an entire career dedicated to it. At Centennial College, we teach you that career with our Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion program, one of the first graduate certificate programs of its kind on Canada, teaching you through practical, hands-on learning how to promote the health and wellbeing of people in the working world. For now, though, if you have a desk job, here’s a few basic tips you can start out with to make yourself just a bit healthier, sourced from Entrepreneur, the Job Network, and the Muse.

Drink more water

We’re a dehydrated species in general, and most of us don’t drink enough water. It can be hard to make sure you drink enough during the day, though. A good trick is to make sure you have a bottle next to you at your desk, and try and drain it at least once before the day’s out. In fact, dehydration will make you drowsy and slow, so it’ll help more than just your long-term health. Also, juice and other non-water fluids don’t hydrate you nearly as much as straight water does.

Don’t drink too much coffee

For one thing, it’s basically the anti-water, and doesn’t count towards hydration, since it actually dries you out. The more you consume during a day, the worse the crash will be later, not to mention the heightened levels of stress it can also cause. Also, when you have your morning cup (which is fine), the closer to plain black coffee it is, the better it’ll be for you.

Eat a big breakfast

It’s okay to go a bit overboard with your breakfast, because a good, filling meal in the morning will set your metabolism for the day and keep your energy up. While we’re here, don’t have any afternoon snacks, if you can, unless they’re fruits or nuts.

Make sure to get away from your desk

Even if it’s just for a moment, abandoning your desk can still help with keeping you active. It’ll help both your mind and body to get up, stretch, and walk around for a minute every hour or so. Even if it’s just for a moment, it’ll help reset your productivity.

Keep your posture straight

This is a tough one, because if you don’t think about it, you’re probably going to slouch, almost like your computer screen is drawing you in. So, whenever you do think about it, sit up straight, and get your back aligned. Another way to help this? Get a desk you stand at, if you can.

Clean your keyboard!

Clean your whole workspace, but your keyboard especially, so germs don’t congregate. Just give it a swipe with some disinfecting wipes every now and again, and you’ll do fine.

By Anthony Geremia