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Academic Plan 2021 – 2025: Building Leaders and Changemakers

Academic Plan 2021 – 2025: Building Leaders and Changemakers

2020 has been a year of change. Our vibrant, fast-paced lives have been disrupted beyond imagining, impacting relationships, community, education, work, and wellness. We have come face-to-face with not only a global pandemic, but also an indisputable, global declaration of systemic racism. Centennial College is responding with an Academic Plan that reflects all voices: a transformational roadmap for the future of work and learning.

Framed around our institutional pillars of Enrolment, Employment and Empowerment (the “3Es”), our Academic Plan embraces our strategic plan (Book of Commitments, Third Edition) and supports the College’s seven-year transformation journey that will see us taking flight, and soaring.

Through the development of new innovative programs, learning supports and micro-credentials, we will ensure students graduate with the skills they need to meet employer and industry needs. We will invest in innovative technologies that enhance the digital classroom, increase collaboration, and enrich the student experience for learners across Canada and around the world. 

Our world-class faculty will embrace and experiment with new and innovative approaches to teaching, as they continue to foster dynamic and inclusive communities of learning. By connecting with industry we will discover new and sustainable solutions and foster applied research and social and economic development. Our programs will pave the way to employment by giving every student valuable work-integrated learning experiences, creating graduates that are sought-after innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. 

Finally, we vow to seek a balance of power. We are committed to making inclusive, accessible learning the norm while tackling Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous racism head-on. In alignment with our Indigenous Strategic Framework, we will actualize the imperative of Truth and Reconciliation and meaningfully integrate Indigenous ways of knowing, being, doing and valuing. It’s our goal to promote deep learning through open educational resources, redefining classrooms by removing walls and borders to enable unparalleled learning for all. 

Together, we build leaders and changemakers. 

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