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In All Emergencies, Dial Ext. 2020 or 416-439-4357 (HELP)

General Service: 416-289-5000, Ext. 5240


Areas of Assembly by Campus

Areas of Assembly by Campus

Areas of Assembly (AOA) are locations in the event of a fire that are on the exterior of each campus. These areas are designated through our fire plan that will provide the evacuating college community access to a location that is a safe distance away from the building.

These areas are designated to provide a known waiting area for the evacuating college community. In the event of a real fire situation, you will be asked to move to these areas. Once outside, students and staff should be a minimum of 30 m (100 feet) away from the building.

The designated assembly area for the College Community, Emergency Preparedness Officers and College Emergency Preparedness Officer are situated at the following locations.


Building Areas of Rescue
Main Building
  • Lot 5 South
  • Lot 8 South (By South Service Road)
  • Cafeteria Patio (By South Service Road)
A Block
  • Lot 9
L Block
  • Lot 3 South
  • Lot 4 South West
Athletic & Wellness Centre
  • Lot 6 South
Student Centre
  • Lot 6 South
Centennial Place
  • Lot 2 South
R Block
  • Lot 2 South
T Block
  • Lot 10


Building Areas of Rescue
75 Ashtonbee
  • Student Parking Lot (South of the Aviation Hangar)
  • Staff Parking Lot
  • Visitor Parking Lot
930 Warden
  • East Exit (By Warden Avenue)


Building Areas of Rescue
Main Building
  • 200 Level Parking Lot
  • South Exit (By Ellesmere Road)

Story Arts Centre

Building Areas of Rescue
Main Building
  • West Exit (By Carlaw Avenue)


Building Areas of Rescue
Main Building
  • North exit (north side of Carl Hall Road and in the parking lot east of the campus)

NOTE: If any person(s) are unable to exit the building and get to the Area of Assembly please refer to the Area of Rescue list.