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It can happen to you! The four most common college distractions (and how to fix them)

These are distracting times. The world we live in provides us with unlimited access to information, people, and resources, at the cost of our attention. If you’re in college, you need to be ready to meet those distractions head on and ignore them so you can work or study whenever necessary. Here’s what you need to watch out for when you’re trying to get your work done, and how you can get ahead of it:


Five weird things you didn’t know about baking

Are you into baking? Well, you can make a career out of it, and Centennial College can help make that career happen. In our Pastry Arts program, you can spend time learning to make baked goods in the kitchen labs in our new Culinary Arts Centre, learning fundamental baking skills. If you take the the Pastry Arts Management program, too, you can become the one planning and executing the dishes in a bakery, as the program teaches you the business side of baking, along with the baking itself. Here’s some of the more interesting things that you’ll be learning in these programs.

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Five easy ways to eat healthy on campus

In college, you’re on your own for the first time, able to make your own choices about what you eat, while surrounded by snacks and sweets. You’re also in a rush from school, which makes it hard to control what you eat, especially when there isn’t a kitchen nearby. It can be a challenge to stay healthy. In fact, there’s enough of a need for nutrition that you can actually turn it into a career. But for now, here are some easy ways to manage your own nutrition before you manage other people’s.


Seven questions you need to answer now that college has started

Well, the summer’s finished if you’re a student, and it’s time for the fall semester at Centennial College to begin. It’s the time when most students start their college programs, and if you’re one of them, you’ve probably got your books, your bags, and your school supplies, and know where and when your classes are. But there’s more that you need to be ready for. If this is your first time in college, there’s some unexpected changes and challenges waiting for you. Centennial College is there to help you prepare with resources to answer these questions, and help you figure out any problems. Here’s what you need to be prepared for, and how we can help you with it.

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A growth industry: Your future in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering has an extremely fast employment growth rate, and employment opportunities exist throughout the healthcare industry. To prove it, we look at the roles and salary levels for Biomedical Engineering Technology and include a summary of the Centennial program’s unique features are provided.


Three careers you can connect to in Food Media

If you have a passion for food and want to document it through media, then Centennial College can help you blend your interests into a career with our Food Media post-graduate program. During its intensive three-day format, you learn about everything from social media and multimedia, to photography, online writing, production, editing and more. Join the program, and get the kind of practical experience you need to get into the field of making dishes as delicious to the eyes and ears as they are to the mouth. Here’s a look at the kind of careers Centennial College’s Food Media program can land you.

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Five common auto parts you'll need to replace

Sooner or later, everything breaks, and that includes your car. Every vehicle is a complicated machine, with many moving parts, and even a well-maintained one will need those parts replaced over the course of its lifetime. If you drive, you'll need to know about the parts you need. Here are the most common things you'll be dealing with.

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